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Chuck Flap Instead of Brisket

There is nothing better than nurturing the perfect fire, gently seasoning great meat and serving friends and loved ones perfectly cooked food. I have cooked in just about every grill, pit and stove created and love many, but cannot stop obsessing over my PK360. I think it is the perfect cooking vehicle that utilizes charcoal and wood. This grill is able to execute the hottest sear down to the lowest and slowest smoke possible. In reviewing options for an upcoming event that called for slow smoked Texas Style Beef BBQ I turned to the traditional cut of Brisket. Requiring twenty hours of cook time and twenty hours of rest I decided to look for other options. I immediately turned to...

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Celebrating National Cheese Day!

Did you know National Cheese Day is June 4th?  At Dole & Bailey, our staff comes to us with a wide variety of experience in the food industry and beyond, bringing unique perspectives, insight, and knowledge to our team. Our Dairy and Gourmet category manager, Meredith Fitzgerald, comes to us with an extensive background in cheese and has proven to be an asset during her time at the company. We love her sense of humor, passion for her profession, and insight on products that she shares with us. Originally from Windham, New Hampshire, Meredith currently resides in Massachusetts, but has lived all over the United States, including Montreal and Houston. She has a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management and attended culinary...

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