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Wagyu Beef: Everything You Need to Know

When you think of Wagyu you think of luxury. This exclusive beef is synonymous with Michelin-starred restaurants and triple digit pricing. Unsure of what makes Wagyu beef so special? The Dole & Bailey team is here to help! We compiled a bullet point list explaining why Wagyu beef is truly an out-of-this-world dining experience.

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Q & A with Kvarøy Arctic Salmon

At Dole & Bailey, we are proud to offer the finest ingredients for chefs and home cooks. Kvarøy Arctic Salmon is simply the finest salmon around. Read below for our question and answer session with the Kvarøy Arctic team and find out what makes their salmon so special. We now have 6oz portions available in our online shop! ARE YOUR FISH GIVEN ANTIBIOTICS? Kvarøy Arctic uses no antibiotics or chemicals in its salmon production. Instead, a small, stout fish with an endearing name — Lumpsucker — has a symbiotic relationship with our salmon. The lumpsuckers live with the salmon in a faux kelp bed — a Kvarøy Arctic invention. The salmon know just what to do. They swim up to the kelp, and...

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Beef Wellington: A Culinary Classic

What’s not to love about Beef Wellington? A meal fit for royalty, this dish is decadent, classic, and a great meal to cook when you want to impress your friends and family.   While the exact origins of Beef Wellington are unknown, putting meat inside pastry has always been a popular cooking technique throughout the world, especially in France where chefs were known for their extravagant cooking. The dish earned its name thanks to an Anglo-Irishman named Arthur Wellesley. Arthur was the Field Marshall who presided over the British army at the Battle of Waterloo. This battle led to the end of the Napoleonic Wars and resulted in the fall and exile of Napoleon Bonaparte. With this historic win, Wellesley...

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Christmas Dinner Traditions

We are a little more than one week away from what is arguably one of the two best “eating” days of the year. Some would argue Thanksgiving, though its tough to rate this as a perfect eating day when tradition pigeonholes you into Turkey as your main course. Christmas in the USA is deeply rooted in British food traditions with focus on Roasts and Puddings but as with all things American have become a melting pot of cultural expression. Italians have influenced us with Feast of the Seven Fishes on the eve and then all things pasta on Christmas Day. Our Mexican population has brought us the tradition of Noche Buena featuring tamales and menudo but most often a celebration...

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